????????The World's Best Pickpocket Steals Steve Harvey's Tie

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In this video, world-renowned comedy pickpocket Bob Arno showcases his incredible pickpocketing skills by targeting none other than Steve Harvey himself.

Watch as Bob dazzles the audience with his sleight of hand and leaves Steve Harvey stunned.
This video is sure to leave you laughing and amazed by Bob's talent.

Don't miss out on this exciting and hilarious pickpocket show!

Little Big Shots is all about showing you some of the funniest and most talented children you’ll ever meet from all over the world ????. But this isn’t a competition, we’re not here to judge and there are no prizes – just loads of amazing kids doing incredible things that they love. With Dawn French as the host of this talent show, get ready to laugh as she tries to pick up some new skills from these stars…

Here is The Pickpocket King Bob Arno on Little Big Shots show with steve harvey if you want to know more about : Bob Arno - Comedy Pickpocket show world's best pickpocket


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