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XinYiMei Hotel Furniture was founded in 2007. After years of developing, XinYiMei has grown from an unnamed company to be an influential supplier in the area of furniture industry. Today, XinYiMei has more than 10 years experience on manufacturing and exporting, specializing in the production of hotel furniture, banquet furniture and outdoor furniture, etc. In 2017, XinYiMei established a sub-brand ---- DreamEvent, it was trying to identify the methods for popularizing high-quality furniture and to provide practical furniture for the majority of buyers.

In the past more than 10 years, XinYiMei has served more than 60 countries across six continents. All the time, XinYiMei inherits the first-class design concept for products, owns the advanced equipments, masters the key processes of production, furnitures can be tailored to the needs of you. High-quality products, caring services, good reputation and other advantages make XinYiMei enjoy a statement in the market.

Website: www.xymfurniture.com
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